Offsite Backup for Photographers

We photographers have a serious problem. We’re generating hundreds and hundreds of gigabytes of data (even more now that our DSLRs shoot video), data that represents hours of hard work, and yet it’s incredibly easy for us to lose our Aperture and Lightroom libraries if a drive goes bad. There are ways we can setup our main workstations to limit our potential data loss, but we really need good, offsite backup so that we don’t lose everything in case of fire or theft. However, most offsite backup services aren’t aimed at people with terabytes of data. After a lot of investigating and trial and error, I think I’ve finally found a great, offsite backup solution with Amazon S3.

Iceland Late, Short, Trip Report

This is months late and not at all detailed, but let me just say that Iceland was really amazing. Even though the exchange rate’s better, it was still quite expensive, and shooting from a helicopter a few times was ridiculously expensive, but it was worth every penny, in my mind. Check out the gallery and let me know if you agree!