Relaunching the Blog!

A couple months ago, I finally updated my website to take advantage of PhotoShelter’s great new responsive Beam templates. Unfortunately, my blog was left behind! OK, truthfully, I’ve been leaving it behind for too long in general. Thanks to the amazing Thomas Huxley, my blog is up and running again, with a beautiful theme that matches the rest of my site! In addition to random musings about photography, I’m also going to be posting about startups and products periodically. I hope you all enjoy!

Storytelling for Success

Starting a company is a wild experience, but even from the very first event you go to, struggling to figure out how to start a business, there’s one big thing that separates the crowd. No, I don’t mean who’s wearing Google Glass and who isn’t. I mean how each person speaks.

Valuing A Company

I know the basics of finance (buy low, sell high), but the world of startup valuation and financing is a mystery to me. Recently, I took a seminar entitled “Startup Finance: Valuation” from Startup Saturdays that was really great! The absolute best part was the Q&A that happened between the students and instructor (I don’t have his name unfortunately), who absolutely knew his stuff and clearly has experience with this field. By the end, we understood why Snapchat is valued at $3.5 billion.