360° of South Georgia Island and the Falklands

I’m always looking for unique ways to capture images, and I’ve been very excited by VR. The Ricoh Theta S came out right before my trip to South Georgia, and mine arrived the day before I left (phew!). I wanted to share some of the video and stills I captured, trying to give you a good sense of the experience, like here at Salisbury Plain.

King penguins and an Antarctic fur seal at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia Island #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

South Georgia Island Trip Report

Years ago, I wanted to photograph penguins. Most trips where you can see penguins are ~20 days, 10 of which are spent in transit between the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula. So instead, I went to the Falkland Islands. It was amazing, and it made me want to go to South Georgia. Unfortunately, basically no one goes to just South Georgia. I looked into a small boat that leaves from the Falklands and goes there, but it was quite expensive to book, and I wasn’t sure I could find enough people to go with me to make it happen.