Digital Photo Academy classes

I’m now an instructor for San Francisco with the Panasonic Digital Photo Academy, an impressive, nation-wide photography school run by some talented people! I’ll be teaching a great advanced photography workshop at Fisherman’s Wharf on February 13 and basic and intermediate classes in March. There’s more information (including registration instructions) on the DPA website.

Predictions for 2010 (and beyond)

I think this is the year that still photography will really start to die on a professional level. Here’s the thing–it’s gotten too easy to get a decent shot (everyone has a camera), edit it (have you tried Photoshop Elements’ Photomerge tools?!), and give it away for free/next to nothing to see it published (do you know someone into microstock?). Images have very little value to people anymore, and even formerly-exotic images of penguins and hummingbirds are becoming more commonplace. Fortunately for photographers, I also think this is the year that magazines as we know them will start to die.

NECCC 2009

Just wanted to mention that my mother, Ellen, and I co-presented two talks at the 2009 New England Camera Club Council conference this past summer in Amherst, An Introduction to Aperture and The Best They Can Be (about figuring out what adjustments to make to your images). We had a great time and hope everyone enjoyed the talks!