360° of South Georgia Island and the Falklands

I’m always looking for unique ways to capture images, and I’ve been very excited by VR. The Ricoh Theta S came out right before my trip to South Georgia, and mine arrived the day before I left (phew!). I wanted to share some of the video and stills I captured, trying to give you a good sense of the experience, like here at Salisbury Plain.

King penguins and an Antarctic fur seal at Salisbury Plains, South Georgia Island #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

South Georgia Island Trip Report

Years ago, I wanted to photograph penguins. Most trips where you can see penguins are ~20 days, 10 of which are spent in transit between the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Island, and the Antarctic Peninsula. So instead, I went to the Falkland Islands. It was amazing, and it made me want to go to South Georgia. Unfortunately, basically no one goes to just South Georgia. I looked into a small boat that leaves from the Falklands and goes there, but it was quite expensive to book, and I wasn’t sure I could find enough people to go with me to make it happen.

A Polar Bear Crime Scene

Our ship sailed gracefully past the edge of the ice demarcating the edge of the north pole. We spotted a group of seals, happily playing on the ice. Or so it seemed. As we got closer, a trail of blood appeared.

A trail of blood

A trail of blood

Window Seat

I fly a fair amount, and when I can, I try to get a window seat and watch for interesting clouds/skies. I’ve collected a number of images the past couple years, and I wanted to share them. They’re free for personal use (the download password is “window”), and I think they make nice backgrounds. They’re shot on a mix of cameras including a Sony RX1, Fuji X100S, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 6. The iPhone images are a lot grainer and don’t have as smooth as gradients as the other cameras, but hey, when it’s the only camera you have on you, the iPhone’s way better than nothing! Enjoy.

The clouds looked like a Rothko painting during this flight.

The clouds looked like a Rothko painting during this flight.

Iceland Late, Short, Trip Report

This is months late and not at all detailed, but let me just say that Iceland was really amazing. Even though the exchange rate’s better, it was still quite expensive, and shooting from a helicopter a few times was ridiculously expensive, but it was worth every penny, in my mind. Check out the gallery and let me know if you agree!

Alaska Trip Report

In early September, Ellen and I led a workshop in remote Alaska for fall tundra and auroras. Everyone had a great time, and we got some really beautiful shots! Make sure to check out this timelapse video I put together of the northern lights.

The northern lights reflected in a float pond

The northern lights reflected in a float pond

NECCC 2009

Just wanted to mention that my mother, Ellen, and I co-presented two talks at the 2009 New England Camera Club Council conference this past summer in Amherst, An Introduction to Aperture and The Best They Can Be (about figuring out what adjustments to make to your images). We had a great time and hope everyone enjoyed the talks!